Piezography Curve Remapping

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Customized conversion of Piezography curves to match customer printer configuration: 5 modified or 2 custom curves

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Piezography offers a lot of possibilities for inkjet printers with one or more permanently clogged ink channels.

This is the fee for re-mapping Piezography curves to map out non-functional ink channels, and take advantage of good working channels. The benefit of this service is that it allows a printer with one or more permanently dead ink channels to be used as a Piezography system.

For this fee, you have the choice of either having us modify 5 existing Piezography curves for your unique shade placement, OR have 2 custom curves made for your setup.

There are versions of Piezography that require less than 8 ink channels. PiezoDN Digital Negative requires a minimum of 6 ink channels. Piezography for non-glossy and non-baryta papers requires a minimum of 6 ink channels. Piezography for glossy and baryta papers requires a minimum of 7 ink channels.

Please be sure to indicate your printer model, non-functioning channels, and desired Piezography setup (matte, gloss, digital negative, etc...) in the note field when ordering. A support person will contact you to walk you thru the conversion, including shade placement for your specific printer (based on good working channels), and provide either re-mapped curves or modified master curves and instructions to have custom curves made.

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What's Included:

Choose either 5 existing Piezography curves re-mapped for your unique setup, or 2 custom curves for your unique shade placement setup.


This is compatible with supported printers that have permanently blocked, clogged, or dead ink channels. You need a minimum of 6 ink channels for Piezography Matte Only, a minimum of 7 working ink channels for Glossy/Baryta only. You need a minimum of 8 working channels for a Matte/Glossy system. Digital Negative Methodology 3 requires only 5 channels. To convert to a Piezography Gloss Overprint printer, you need only one channel but several are preferrable.

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