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Jack Richeson 9000 Series Synthetic Short Alt Process Flat Brush, 2-Inch

Jack Richeson 9000 Series Synthetic Short Alt Process Flat Brush, 2-Inch


The legendary Richeson 9000 Series alternative process brush. Perfect for platinum and palladium sensitized liquid coating. Also for other alternative processes. The ferrule of this high standard brush does not cause contamination of sensitized solutions. This brush comes to a razor edge to retain its ultra-smooth application of liquids.

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These synthetic brushes out perform natural hake brushes when it comes to hand-coating emulsions. They have the ability to carry a great deal of emulsion, yet still not flood out all over your sheet. Compared to using coating rods, the Richeson 9010 brushes produce a thicker emulsion that tends to stay on top of the fibers and produces greater dMax. These brushes come to a razor edge for fine control and smooth application of coatings. These brushes when handled correctly, tend not to streak, and are ideal for double coating.

If you own one brush for coating platinum and palladium, it should be the best tool for the purpose. This brush combines long life from its synthetic blend, ease of coating, minimal absorption of chemistry, and unmatched smoothness. Why the stainless steel ferule does not contribute to "spots" in sensitized emulsions like other ferules do - remains part of its legendary status. This brush is the standard for all the right stuff!

What's Included

You get one brush.

Product Type Historical Process
Brand Richeson
Brush Size 2 Inches

Compatibility Notes

Compatible with all water based emulsions used in alternative process.