Inkjetmall Refillable cartridge - Epson 1400, 1430 (T79 only version) - Set 7

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Vermont PhotoInkjet 2017 designed refillable cartridge set for the Epson 1400, 1430, 1500W (T79 only versions). Set of 7 with two blacks.

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This is the latest 2017 design by InkjetMall and is manufactured exclusively for us. We designed this cartridge to be more rigid so it functions better in older or worn printers as well as it performs in new printers. This is your primary tool for repairing and maintaining Epson printers. It is less sensitive initially to printers that have been poorly maintained. These are designed for using PiezoFlush as your first defense in saving a poorly operating printer. Fix it rather than discard it!

This set features seven instead of six cartridges so that you can use two black cartridges and run matte and photo black inks. While this is not necessary for dye ink, the 1430 and 1500W can easily be converted to our pigment inks, and pigment inks use quite different matte and glossy (photo) blacks.

This kit does not include refilling syringes. The cartridges are also labeled for use with color inks, Piezography K6 matte inks & PiezoDN K6 inks, and the upcoming new formulation Piezography K5 glossy system which includes one pass glossy printing.

Refillable Cartridges are easy to refill. These carts can be refilled over and over again.

  • This version does not include syringes and priming tips. There is a set of 7 cartridges with syringes as item sku RCS-1430-SH-SET7. 
  • There is also a regular set of 6 cartridges which includes only one black cartridge. These are sku RCS-1430-SH-SET6NS without syringes and RCS-1430-SH-SET6 with syringes.
  • You can use these empty ReUsable cartridges for PiezoFlush or to repair your printer. You can also use them to fill with ink from previously discarded "empty" Epson ink cartridges. Or you can fill them with the ink taken from Epson ink cartridges that read "empty" prematurely or malfuncition.
  • Ink cartridges have a clear plastic side so that you can see the ink inside.
  • Reusable top plugs for easy refilling.
  • Suitable for all types of ink, dye ink, pigment ink and etc.
  • "ARC" auto reset chips that can be reset when Epson Status monitor indicates that they are nearly empty.
  • Can also be reset with an optional chip resetter.
  • High Quality Manufactured under ISO9001.
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What's Included:

You get a set of 7 refillable cartridges which includes a second black cartridge in the case you are modifying your printer's color space by using a Piezography B&W or ConeColor pigment ink set with matte and photo blacks. 

This version does not include syringes or priming tips. There is set 7 with syringes as item sku RCS-1430-SH-SET7. There is also a set of 6 which includes only one black cartridge. These are sku RCS-1430-SH-SET6NS without syringes and RCS-1430-SH-SET6 with syringes.

There is an optional chip resetter available in the related sections of this item or you can search for sku ACC-RESETTER-SF.


Printer Model Artisan 1430 or Artistan 1400 or Artisan 1500W
Printer Brand Epson
Product Type Empty Refillable Cartridge(s)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet

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