InkThrift DB Pigment ink, 220ml, Black

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InkThrift DB pigment ink for Epson Durabrite compatible printers - 220ml bottle - Black

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InkThrift DB is a new (2014) formulation of an extremely clog-resistant and fade-resistant pigment ink for Epson Durabrite compatible Workforce and Buisiness printers. It is available in four colors for CIS and Refillable Cartridge Systems. InkjetMall does not currently sell Workforce and Business refillable cartridges. But, they are readily available at extremely low prices elsewhere. Sorry! But, we do have the industry's best ink for them.

InkThrift DB is a premium ink formulated with clog-resistant, encapsulated, pigment particles, yet priced at a fraction of the cost of Epson Durabrite ink. InkThrift DB can be used with confidence in office printers that get substantial amounts of use without fear of clogging or printability issues.

While Vermont PhotoInkjet produces inks that are used in printers to produce some of the world's most important photographic and fine art exhibitions, this is an ink that has to work flawlessly at much higher rates of production. It is not uncommon for a business or workforce printer to be used 8 hours per day non-stop printing 100s and 100s of color documents. InkThrift DB is field tested and ready for the task! Fully compatible. No flushing required. Change one ink position at a time!

InkThrift DB is a high-standard alternative pigment ink for those who are interested in:

  • wanting similar color, scratch resistance, and fade resistance of Epson Durabrite inks, while saving 72% or more of the costs.

  • using earth-friendly, sustainable, ReUsable, inking systems..
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    What's Included:

    You get one bottle of ink.


    InkThrift DB pigment ink for Epson Durabrite compatible printers can be used in any Epson printer designed for use with Epson Durabrite inks.

    The color match of InkThrift DB is close enough to Durabrite to not need ICC profiles.

    This ink is compatible with nearly all brands of traditional inkjet media.

    You do not need to use PiezoFlush to flush your printer before installing these inks. You can change out one position at a time if you want to.

    Bottle Size 220mL(s)
    Ink Type Pigment
    Product Type Individual Bottles
    Color Position or Shade Black
    Ink Brand InkThrift DB
    Brand InkThrift