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Featuring a very sharp point, this brush is perfect for detail and precision work. The lower belly and shorter hairs form a resilient tip and give you maximum control. This superior quality brush also features a seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule and a sleek, black polished handle.

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The first known use of the name Kolinsky was around 1851. The term refers to several varieties of Asian Weasels. Most typically referenced is the Marten weasel. The yellowish brown tail from the weasel is used to make high grade artist brushes.

The finest Kolinsky hair comes from the Kolin Peninsula and then from a very high ratio of male hair to female hair. The female lives in an underground burrow and is rarely outside. The male is the hunter and forager. He hunts to bring food back to the family. Because he is outdoors most of the time, his coat is rich and thick and long.

One of the world’s finest brush makers has produce this Kolinsky watercolor brush to exceed the demands of the most discriminating painter. Each brush is carefully created by hand using only the highest possible percentage of male hair. This brush loads and releases color evenly. Has an incredible point and snap which will give you the best possible control and accuracy when spotting platinum and palladium prints. A must for the serious retoucher. Available in three spotting sizes 3/0, 2/0 and 1/0. Although 1/0 is the smallest brush, all of these brushes have a very similarly small sized tip. For those who are advanced retouchers the larger 1/0 brush may be adequate for all retouching needs. Those who are new to retouching will benefit by the 3/0 easier spotting of very small imperfections in the print. Some may prefer to use three brushes of different sizes because of the watercolor load each can take, or for simultaneous using of different spotting color.

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What's Included:

You get one professional grade 000 spotting brush.


Compatible with all water based emulsions used in alternative process.

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