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CISS for Epson 1430 printer - with priming syringes and funnels

CISS for Epson 1430 printer - with priming syringes and funnels


This CISS is exclusive to Vermont PhotoInkjet! The materials are fully compatible with ConeColor Pro and Piezography encapsulated ink formulas. While we do not condone the use of ordinary CISS systems with these two inks, our customers can use this new CISS with confidence. This kit includes syringes, priming tips, and filling funnels.

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Instructions & More Info

CISS Instructions

Manufactured exclusively to our specifications with Polypropylene fittings and Polyethylene tubing. The is a very high quality build Continuous Ink Supply System.

Continuous Ink Supply Systems are easy and economical to run. A CISS is a perfect solution. You will be able to keep your eye on the level of ink remaining in the individually fillable CISS reservoirs. You will not have to worry about pre-maturely emptying refillable cartridges.

Please read our instructions so you understand how to use the system with ConeColor PRO or Piezography inks. incredible system!

What's Included

You get a Continuous Ink Supply System for the Epson 1430 printer including filling funnels and priming tips. Add your choice of inks!

Product Type Empty Refillable Cartridge(s)
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet
Printer Compatibility 1430 , 1400 , 1500W

Compatibility Notes

This CIS is compatible with USA versions of the Epson 1430 printer or International versions which use a standard Epson model 79 cartridge.

This CISS is built to our own specifications using Polyethylene tubing and Polypropylene fittings so that it is truly compatible with the encapsulated pigment chemistry of ConeColor PRO and Piezography inks. Ordinary CISS systems should never be used with these two ink systems. Polyethylene and Polypropylene are the only safe plastics for encapsulated pigment chemistry.